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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  September 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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this is cnn breaking news.
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hello, i'm john vause in los angeles. we'd like to welcome our viewers in the united states and around the world. we are following breaking news from charlotte, north carolina. for a second night protesters clashed violently with police and the governor declared a state of emergency. the crowds are starting to thin a little now, but the situation is ongoing. earlier one person was shot and critically wounded during the demonstrations and is on life support. the person was shot by a civilian, not police. one officer has been injured. police used tear gas at times to try to disperse the crowds wchl ve seen protesters shattering windows, breaking in to windows, restaurants and a hotel has been vandalized. as of now no serious injuries from any of the incidents those protests were sparked by the police shooting of an african-american on tuesday. keith lamont scott was killed when officers served a warrant but had the wrong man.
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they say scott was armed and they found a gun at the scene. scott's family said he did not have a gun and was reading a book in his car waiting for his son when he was killed. ed, what's the latest? are people on the streets still and is the national guard at this point? >> the police presence is out there but it has calmed down considerably. there are a couple of pockets of the last remnants of these rioters and protesters out in the downtown streets of charlotte, north carolina where throughout most of the night we have heard relentless bangs of tear gas ricochetting throughout the streets here in this downtown area as several, perhaps close to 1,000 protesters or so at its highest peak really caused a great deal
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of havoc including this is one of the scenes left behind. looters, rioters, whatever you want to call them, came down this street and ransacked this store, which is basically like a little souvenir shop, sundries store for snacks and that sort of thing. we were across the street when we saw a group of 20 to 30 people break in the store and start ripping apart and smashing windows and leaving this as the mess that you see right here. there have been a number of arrests throughout the evening. we have not gotten official numbers on how many people the governor of north carolina activating state police and declaring a state of emergency here in this area. so s.w.a.t. teams have been fanned throughout throughout various portions of the downtown streets dealing with these protesters. a very difficult scene to control. violent would erupt.
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one person critically wounded and we understand they are on life support. that is what authorities are saying at that point, someone shot by a civilian not an officer-related shooting. in fact we didn't see any signs that police fired handguns or anything like that. it was crowd control tools like tear gas and canisters used in the situation. we have seen a number of arrests still going down here. just to one side, about two minutes before we came on the air here another tear gas canister was deployed here but things have calmed down considerably in the last hour or so which is a very good sign but this is a city that will have to ask itself a lot of hard questions tomorrow morning, especially for leadership here as to whether to expect another viet night tomorrow and how to handle it and what to do and trying to figure out what to expect. those will be the questions that city leaders will be grappling with throughout the night in to the morning hours.
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>> while you were reporting live, you were knocked to the grunds by one protester. i want to play what happened. here it is. >> we're trying to get various people, agitators out of the crowd. as other people tried to come in -- [ yelling ] >> clearly hope that you are okay and that you weren't too badly hurt by that. but were protesters randomly targeting anyone they could find? >> there were a number of journalists that were targeted and that's part of the difficult part in covering this. you are trying to pay attention to the story unfolding before this and trying to report it as accurately as we can. at the same time there are a number of people that have as much anger for what we do and you have to keep your eyes open and expecting something like that and always watching the
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people around you when you are doing live television kind of impossible to fully tell what's coming up even on your side. all i heard is someone yelling at me to tell the truth. next thing you know we're getting hit. we were all in a difficult situation at the moment. some of my cnn colleagues had just been in the middle of the tear gas deployed. we were trying to get them water and their faces cleaned up so they could breathe better and that sort of thing. it was a chaotic moment as we were watching each other's back and it ended the way it did. one bizarre footnote to that, an hour after that happened, the same guy found me in the crowd and apologized for what he did. kind of a surreal ending to that part of the story for me. you know, surreal night to say the least. >> ed, we're glad you are fine. injuries seem to be kept to a minimum but one person is shot and in critical condition.
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>> thank you, ed. we move on now, zach locke was in the midding of the protest and is on the phone with more. you were outside of the omni hotel, which seems in some ways to have been the epicenter of where the violence began. >> yeah, sure was. they kind of -- i mean, as alluded to it was chaos. there's no central leadership, which was the complete opposite of the peaceful protest that started roughly 7 p.m. that night. so, you know, as the night went on, people got more upset and frustrated and more violent. >> do you know why the protesters decided to surround the omni hotel in the first place? >> i'm not sure. honestly, there's a lot of store
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fronts in that area that are primarily glass. the omni was just kind of an easy target, so to speak, but it wasn't the only target. multiple different -- there's a restaurant or two in there that were being -- the glass was being broken on those, as well. the omni was probably the most recognizable of the spots that were being broken in to and looted. it is in a central location in the city. a lot of foot traffic and those sorts of things. >> you saw a lot of looting of a number of the businesses there. the people doing the looting, the damage, could you differentiate them from the protesters in any way? >> honestly, not really. i think that's the central theme of the night. for me, my roommate and i went
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down to be involved in the protest peacefully. that was really our end goal. as the night wore on, we just kept seeing crazier and crazier things. it was hard to tell who was trying to spread what message, and i think that's what ended up hurting the night in the end and really hurting our city. you know, this is -- i listened to the local news report earlier of the governor on the phone who used to live in charlotte an our mayor, who are correct in saying this is not what our city is all about. this is not who we are. it's unfortunate this is the publicity that we're showing. i understand there's true anger out there. i get that. i certainly sympathize with that, but at some point we have to decide, as a community, a
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collective whole here in charlotte and around the rest of the world when enough is enough. you know, tonight was shocking. i'm still shaking a little bit. just kind of reliving what all went down. got a long way to answer. no there was no way to tell who was trying to do what and who was on what side. >> you have been through quite a lot. i'm curious, if you have a quick answer to this, was there any particular moment or trigger that you know of that turned this from a peaceful protest to the violent one that we saw? >> i think definitely the sound of gunshots. that's when i moved up, i believe it is trade street, up the hill there. i heard gunshots and everyone moved away from it and i continued to walk that way. i didn't actually see the man shot but i i saw the man holding
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him, the man who got shot was dragged out quickly and i tried to take pictures and video of the blood and all of this those sorts of things. at this point it was beyond saving. it was chaos. >> yeah. zach, we appreciate your calling in and sharing your experience with us, and also the images you recorded a few hours ago. joining me here is lauren foster and contributor steve moore and civil rights attorney martin. the governor declared a state of emergency, deploying the national guard. that's a big decision to make. what are the reasons behind that? >> most likely because police department vunt have enough people to keep up this type of defensive posture to keep it up day after day. they may have it one night but then you think about people have to sleep. it is probably that a manpower issue more than anything.
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>> any implications from your point of view for this decision? >> we have seen where police bring in extra reinforcement and it causes the situation to worsen. i understand the need to relieve people who have been on the streets, maybe for 24, 48 hours, but i think we have to make sure the police aren't doing anything to escalate the protesters. protesters have the right to be out there. they don't have the right to break the law or engage in violent activity but we want the peaceful protesters, those expressing frustration. their overwhelming sense of grief and sadness about the shooting of keith lamont scott to be able to do so and not have their constitutional rights trampled upon. >> with that in mind, i want to play some sound from north carolina's governor who described exactly what you are talking about the protesters who are involved in the looting and violence. i. >> the goal is not to
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contribution to discussion but destruction and an coup ark i can and that is something our nation cannot accept and as governor of north carolina will not accept someone trying to turn very good city in to anarchy. >> does he have a point? >> well, he has a point with respect to the law enforcement has a right to intervene and keep people from breaking the law. >> how long would a police investigation in to a police-involved shooting typically take? >> well, this isn't the normal situation. this is a toxic environment.
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i think you have to be much more transparent. you have to be more transparent more quickly than any other time. this is not business as usual. you have to react to the situation as it is. with all due respect to my friend, i think that the one thing -- see, i did 25 years in the fbi to fight for the right for peaceful protests. peaceful protest was ended and really stopped not by the police but by violent rioters that came in and i think it does a disservice to the entire movement who's trying to shed light on what happened. >> that's true. but protesters can't stop protesting because some small group of rioters or people who plan to do harm to a city infiltrate the protest. protesters we move the needle on this police brutality because of the work of protesters. >> there's an issue of safety.
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>> there's a distinction but we have to acknowledge that protesters play a critical role in criminal justice reform. we wouldn't be sitting here with body cams and waiting to see this video but for the work of the protesters we have seen here in and out raising the issue of police brutality. >> no disagreement. >>. >> do you think the charlotte police could have avoided a lot of what we saw font the dash cam and body cam images had been released. should they be more nimble here. >> i don't think you would see a noticeable difference. they should have released it. i agree. if what charlotte police is saying is true it's in their best interest to stop this, nip it in the bud right now. i think the type of person that comes in and riots while other people, like the caller, who was trying to protest peacefully, they are looking for an excuse to riot, not looking for a
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peaceful resolution. >> let's not let the story tonight just be about the rioters. we have to stay focused on what the protest is about. >> the violence detracts from the protest. >> it doesn't have to. the shooting of keith lamont scott and the claim by his family that he was unarmed in his car, reading a book, not committing a crime and there was no justification for the shooting. we are trying to get the facts on that. >> the police response that he had a weapon, he refused repeated 0rds to put it down and he was shot by a black officer. so we have a huge kaz chasm to bridge. >> yo the issue of him being black has anything to do with what wl the shooting was justified. whether they are black white, red or green doesn't matter and that has come up so much in this conversation to justify it because one cop is black and the victim is black that we
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shouldn't be outraged. i heard people say that today. it's a problem. >> the dialogue has been white cops shooting black men and i think we can't ignore that's been the dialogue. >> the big part has been officers acting under authority and abusing that authority and shooting african-american men. >> we will continue the discussion next hour. thank you for being with us. a short break and you are watching special coverage of the violent protest in charlotte, north carolina. when we come back we will have more of the police shooting of african-american men and the state of mrch and those hurt. some high pro-hiel avt athletes are speaking out about the police shootings of african-american men. it's a very specific moment, the launch window. we have to be very precise. if we're not ready when the planets are perfectly aligned, that's it.
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(hush my darling...) (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) (hush my darling...) man snoring (don't fear my darling...) (the lion sleeps tonight.) woman snoring take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. we don't need more people to die or be arrested. we need to take a stand and do it the right way. people are upset, frustrated and hurt and people need leaders. >> welcome back, everyone that
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was a public defender who tried to calm things down in charlotte, north carolina. protests turned violent after a police officer killed an african-american man on tuesday. his family said he was unarmed. a state of emergency has been declared in charlotte. police say a civilian shot another civilian during a second night of protest. police used tear gas to disperse the crowds. one police officer has been injured. scott's wife is calling for peaceful protest. explain the tactics the riot police have been using to try to reclaim the streets and clear the protesters. right now it seems it is working. >> it is working. they had a whether itle difficulty during the early part of the tight but they maintained their posture and training. they appear to have stayed
10:23 pm
professional, very focused on the mission and that was to keep people safe as best they could. i think they did an outstanding job tonight considering the number of protesters that you had out there that turned violent. so i think we have to commend them on the work they have done. keeping that and doing everything they can to keep the community safe there in charlotte. >> it has been dangerous work from what we heard from the charlotte police. they just put out new information. we are hearing that four police officers have been injured in the past few hours. there we are. all of the injuries are nonlife-threatening. the peaceful protesters have now left. how would you describe the ones still out there? >> you are going to have a few that will linger around but over time they will move on, as well. the police there will maintain their professional posture until those streets are cleared.
10:24 pm
a lot of work needs to be done throughout the course of the night. there will be people returning back to those communities to work in the morning and to live. the community will remain safe. it will stand safe. but it's a challenging time at this particular moment in charlotte. we've seen these video images before following these types of events, but charlotte is a very strong community and has very good leadership there in their police department. it's without question -- i have no concern they will pull this together and they will get through this. they it will be tough but they will get through this challenge. >> there's been talk of declaring a curfew in charlotte. do you think that is needed right now? >> that's a determination in which the leadership there, the elected officials in that state and city will have to make. they have sometimes curfews work. they did not work very well in
10:25 pm
ferguson. i know that for a fact having been on the ground in ferguson when the governor put curfews in to place there in missouri they didn't work at all. because you will find those who are out to destroy property and to not exercise the first amendment right the way in which it was written. they don't care anything about curfews whatsoever. it just becomes more of a challenge for the police. that will be a decision they will have to make. >> just clear something up for me. we saw a lot of canisters being fired and what looked like tear gas but it is not always tear gas. sometimes the police will fire smoke in to the crowd. can you explain why that is? >> i think what we saw tonight was tear gas utilized. we also heard a number of flash-bangs that were used,er as well, to disrupt crowds and move them along. it has somewhat of a shocking effect.
10:26 pm
i think what we saw tonight was not just smoke but potentially tear gas that we used to move the crowd. if you noticed, when they deployed tear gas the crowds did move away. as soon as the tear gas evaporated in to the night they came back. they had to repeat the scenario a number of times before they received any real results. >> okay. we will leave it there. thank you for being with us. >> thank you for having me. >> many nfl players have refused to stand for the national anthem this season to protest what they call racist police tactics. two of them said on wednesday, enough is enough. >> the reason these guys are kneeling, the reason we are locking arms is to bring people together to make people aware this is not right. it is not right for people to be killed in the street. >> i'm an african-american. i'm not happy what or how the justice has been kind of dealt with over the years, the state of oppression in our community,
10:27 pm
but we also, as black people have to do right by ourselves. we can't be hypocrites. >> san francisco 49ers quarterback colin kaepernick started the movement. he said he is now receiving death threats. back to charlotte, after a quick break. you are watching cnn. hey, ready foyeah. big meeting? >>uh, hello!? a meeting? it's a big one. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain. why don't you start without me? oh. yeah. if you're living with frequent, unpredictable diarrhea and abdominal pain, you may have irritable bowel syndrome with diarrhea, or ibs-d. a condition that can be really frustrating. talk to your doctor about viberzi, a different way to treat ibs-d. viberzi is a prescription medication you take every day
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this is cnn breaking news. charlotte has always been a place where people can
10:31 pm
peacefully have dialogue and move forward. when i look at the pictures, it is just -- this is not who we are. >> police say one person is on life support shot by a civilian. the protesters are demanding justice after police shot and killed an african-american man on tuesday. the family of keith lamont scott said he was unarmed. cnn is live from charlotte with an update on the latest. the question many people would like to know. how many people are on the streets and how long is this expected to go on for? >> it has no end in sight at this point. there are quite a few protesters on the other side of the street.
10:32 pm
they dispersed. we came around and found pockets of more. there are several dozen people here. i want to show you over on the left side we are seeing reinforcements, more police officers in riot gear coming for the protesters trying to move them out of the way. things have been relatively peaceful here. 20 minutes or so there was another agitator that got close to police and taken behind the line and arrested. they had two loud flash-bangs, exemploye explosions behind me. we have seen several suvs drive by, slow down in front of the cops, make a couple of loops and turn around. it's a situation that is tense. not as intense as before where there were regular rounds of tear gas and pepper pray being used to get the crowd to move. right now there is a line of
10:33 pm
police officers to the left coming off a city bus. it looks like they will try to force these folks to disperse. we have heard over a loud speaker several times, not at this corner but in other areas this morning telling people they have to leave and get out of the way. they are asking folks to do so peacefully or to risk, you know, physical force. we already seen them shoot non-lethal pellets at people. one of our security people got hit by one. the situation still unfolding here. not nearly as destructive as what we saw before. we were standing outside of a hotel where we saw several people throwing rocks through windows. at one point, from what we understand, some protesters got inside the hotel and punched some of the people who were taking care of the hotel, who were working there. we have seen reporters get knocked down to the ground, we have seen fires set in the streets and rocks and tear gas
10:34 pm
canisters that police are throwing at protesters thrown back at them. it has been chaos here. it is appears it is starting to slow down but i'm telling you things may get heated again as we watch these officers get closer to the crowd. they are going to try to force these folks to move out of the way. this crowd has been very, very heated. they have gone back and forth yelling at the police and throwing things at them. we are going to keep an eye on what is going on here. looks like they are going to try to force these folks off the street corner. they are obviously with their hands up, not moving. many of them are on their phones filming this for social media. that is something we have seen a lot of tonight. we mentioned the one civilian protester that was hurt. there were a lot of rumors on-line that quickly spread after that.
10:35 pm
somis information was out there pertaining to not only his well being but as to who hurt him. that was fuelling the fire of this crowd. it was making people angrier as we watched the police come closer to this corner. there's some loud noises. i can't tell what that was. but obviously pooe police forced the demonstrators off the corner. as they shoot hands up don't shoot. >> boris, are you still there? is there any particular reason, do you know why police decided to move now or is that part of the protest going on for several hours now to tighten the circle around the protesters to clear the city? >> i'm sorry, john, i missed the first part of your question. the protesters are getting very loud and police are moving closer to the center of the intersection. they really want these folks to go home. obviously we know several people have been hurt tonight. there has been extensive
10:36 pm
property damage. they are trying to get them to go home. this started 6:30. there are 100 people in front of a police station and it was a peaceful protest, some people having conversation, emotional dramatic conversations with officers but it quickly escalated and now as we get closer to 2:00 a.m., we are watching the remnants of this very violent demonstration slowly starting to wither down. the danger is still very real. as i mentioned, there are suvs that keep passing by. here comes another one. they start to do loops in front of the police. obviously that's a concern. considering the events we have seen that have unfolded in baton rouge a few weeks ago, the attack on police in dallas, as well it has to be harrowing for the police officers and protesters, as well. some were here to demonstrate peacefully.
10:37 pm
i would say most of the folks demonstrating peacefully have gone home now. we had threats against us. my colleague got shoved to the grund. the danger is real although there are only a couple dozen protesters left on this corner. >> boris, we appreciate the update. we will continue to monitor what is happening at your location. in the meantime, there's live pictures. i want to bring in criminal defense attorney and social commentator. often when these protesters turn violent many people ask how it helps the cause, damaging cars, looting stores this is what charlotte's mayor had to say. >> there are people who are protesting peacefully. there are folks who are working hard to get their message out without creating violence and destroying things. i think what we need to remember
10:38 pm
is that this is a small section of a population. >> okay. let me send it to you. are these protests, violent clashes, are they a distraction here? >> it's not just a distraction. one person can't do -- this is a mob machine tallty. it is almost the mirror image of what the protester thes are claiming the police to be. it's not one bad cop. it is which enthese cops are allowed to kill people in the police and police departments and precincts continue to not prosecute them. so if protesters, violent protesters can be dispersed with tear gas and non-lethal bullets and a mob of people, how can individuals be shot dead in the street? >> brian, to that point? >> i think the problem we have in dealing with any protest after a law enforcement kills a black man is it's combustion. you have people who are
10:39 pm
frustrated. they want answers quickly, but the problem is you are not going to get answers quickly. i have been involved in plenty of police shooting cases. sometimes it can take six to eight months to complete a copious investigation. when people want answers quickly. that i want transparency and don't get it they run to the street. >> you can also say this is the end result of what many people in the african-american call systemic racism in a city of like charlotte. four of the six people killed by police this year in charlotte have been black. we look at the numbers and blacks are overwhelmingly stopped, detained, have force used against them by the violence. >> and the behavior tonight is not the result of one shooting that happened yesterday. it is the result of many years. >> systemic racism that these people -- look, there's no well-thinking black person that is for violent protests that
10:40 pm
wants to see black faces that look like mine jumping on the roofs of police cars but that person on the roof of the police car went home that night. he wasn't killed. how can a guy with his hands up get killed? that's the frustration. >> a lot of people make the point the police officer carried out the shooting was a black police officer who killed a pa black man and that is proof this wasn't racially motivated. >> we must first of all separate the power structure of the police department an the color thing temperature i've said before on the show, it's not -- it's not a black-white issue or that all cops or all black people are bad. this is police departments not weeding out bad apples and not training them properly and you are seeing frustration out of them not being trained properly. >> a we watch the pictures in north carolina we can see police are still out there. it is 1:40 in the morning right
10:41 pm
now. we have seen police with riot gear moving in, using tear gas. a possibility they could use tear gas again to try to clear the streets. brian, much of the anger in charlotte centers on the police decision not to release the video from the body cam and the dash cam. they said the investigation is underway. this is a state that just pass pd law that will make it illegal next month for the police to release this video. this is a state that many say is not moving toward transparency but away from it. >> we need transparency. we have video cams on police officers so the public can see what is in the video. that is a big problem what we are seeing here tonight. if we had that video, it speaks the truth. you can glean a lot of information from that video. the problem we have this in country is from state to state -- i've got a case right now, i represent a hispanic man beaten by a police officer. the police officer pled guilty to assault. that was two years ago.
10:42 pm
i still don't have the it was videota videotaped. i still don't have it. >> a lot of people, a lot of african-americans to your point have said how can a terrorist in new jersey be taken alive after leaving bombs planted in two states and yet a guy with his hands up is killed. >> it is not a suspected terrorist. he was in a fire fight. in the boss on this marathon bombing and the new york bombing they were in fire fights and both captured and they were alive to be questioned. how can a black man with his hands up in tulsa, oklahoma or lying in the middle of the street helping an autistic kid in florida being shot when they are unarmed. agree that black people can't be these police officers to protect and serve. do better or charlotte will look
10:43 pm
like baton rouge, ferguson, missouri, dallas, and we will go city after city after city seeing the same thing. >> thank you for being with us. we will take a break. we will keep an eye on the images from charlotte, north carolina. you can see the police in riot gear. a small number of protesters on the streets after hours of violence there. a lot more in just a moment. you are watching cnn. ty to support my heart. i'm running, four times a week. eating better, keeping healthy. so that no matter what happens in the future, my "future self" will thank me. thank you! you're welcome! hey listen. whatever you do, don't marry dan! hey babe, i'm dan. hey babe, can i get 14 dollars for... thank you. 45 years of experience has taught us: no matter what the future holds, you're always better off healthy. nature's bounty
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enjoy another day in san francisco and spend more money in the neighborhood. my guests are able to extend their stay and spend more money on activities and restaurants. - the extra income that i get from airbnb has been a huge impact in my life. welcome back, everybody. 1:46 in the morning there in charlotte, north carolina. the end of what has been a violent few hours. the governor has declared a state of emergency amid violent protests there. one person is in a critical condition after he was shot by a civilian. demonstrators threw rocks and bottles at police, injuring least four police officers. protesters also attacked a tv reporter and a cameraman that were taken to hospital and treated there. demonstrators smashed windows of
10:47 pm
a hyatt hotel and attacked two employees inside. the protests started on tuesday night after police fatally shot an african-american man. we haven't heard from donald trump or hillary clinton tonight in response to the violence. not surprising but we heard from both candidates earlier this day. donald trump talked about the victim in tulsa, oklahoma shot by police. he said seemed like a good man and he questioned the action of the police officer involved. >> hands up, he was doing everything he was supposed to do, everything. and a young policeman shot this man. i don't get it. you can come -- i don't care where you are coming from,er there was something really bad going on. >> had his hands up. >> i don't know if he choshe
10:48 pm
choked. something really bad happened. >> the law and order candidate that donald trump has been that seems to be a significant departure. >> during his rally he said let's be tough, let's go be violent and let there be casualties mentality. all of a sudden he is pivoting to the middle to try to advocate to minorities. i'm not sure if that will work for him. >> this is the scene right now in charlotte. we can see the riot police are moving in towards the protesters. this group of protesters seem to be the last of as many as 1,000 protesters at one stage that clashed violently with the riot police earlier in the evening. as we can see, this is what has been happening the last hour hour or so. police are moving in, closing
10:49 pm
off the area the protesters can occupy in downtown charlotte. again, we will continue to watch that and talk about the political implications of the police shooting and the violence we've seen. trump's website does not have a single detail on police reform. instead we hear from him often the police don't go far enough, they need to harden up. >> that's not surprising. he's never been big on details. he can pivot all he wants to african-americans and la teens. this is the champion of stop and frisk a national program. i hear donald trump with his comments about tulsa but i'm not buying it and neither are the majority of african-americans. >> i want to hold the discussion for now. because boris sanchez is live in charlotte with an update of what is going on there. tell us the latest, please. >> we have our gas masks ready
10:50 pm
first and foremost. we heard another announcement from police over loud speaker saying they were getting ready to the employ whatever means necessary to get people off of the street. we saw two or three dozen protesters but it was the last handful of protesters. they were forced down this street and that street, as well. they have dispersed. what i can see behind me, there's fewer than ten people left and they are far from the police officers. fortunately, it appears the situation at this street corner ended much more peacefully than what we saw tonight. even though i was intense at some points with people throwing objects a the police, yelling at them. the suvs i mentioned earlier, circling the intersection. had to make the officers nervous knowing some of the incidents we had seen previously. you can see some of the officers blocking the street. we had a difficult time getting
10:51 pm
to this intersection, partly because there were so many road closures and it gives you an idea as to the protesters mentality. they overcame several road blocks, several hurdles to be out here at this time. many hours after the initial peaceful protest began roughly 6:00, 6:30 this evening outside of a police station that's a mile or so away from where we are right now. it moved from there to a park. the peaceful attitude was more less in tact there. there were people praying and chanting slogans. things escalated when we came down. things cam calming down now. back to you. >> great, boris, we appreciate the update. the latest on what appears to be the end of the protests.
10:52 pm
everyone seems to be heading home. on the other side of the situation, hillary clinton was on the campaign trail and said the shootings were unbearable but did not explicitly blame the police. >> every day police across our country are serving with extraordinary honor, courage and skill. we saw this this weekend in new york, new jersey and minnesota. our police handled the terrorist attacks exactly right and likely saved a lot of lives. >> again, this seems to be a deliberate decision by the clinton campaign.
10:53 pm
donald trump seem to represent that. i think when it comes to style hillary clinton wins. >> i don't think so. i mean donald trump he wants to make stop and frisk a national policy. this is from a man who just tried to give african-american voter outreach to voter
10:54 pm
audience. >> even keel. >> love it. >> i think she did the right thing. there are thousands of officers in this country whoever day do the right thing. we're in a campaign. we're going to be deliberate with our statements. we're going to be fair. well, she's going to be fair. i can't speak for trump but -- >> okay. a lot to get to. we will do it again next hour. appreciate it. thank you for staying around. another short break. police in charlotte, north carolina have been struggling to regain control after a night of violent protests. now it seems the protesters are starting to leave. this is the scene earlier. our breaking news coverage continues. be the you who doesn't cover your moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. be the you who shows up in that dress. who hugs a friend.
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north carolina's governor is sending the national guard and state troopers to charlotte after a second night of violent protests. politician dispersed tear gas.
10:59 pm
protesters threw rocks and bottles. one person is in critical condition after being shot. police say he was shot by another civilian. demonstrators set fires, smashed door front window throughout the city. the protests started on tuesday after police shot and killed an african-american man. thank you for watching cnn newsroom. live from los angeles, i'm john vause. stay with us. more news at the top of the hour. you are watching cnn. those new glasses?
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